About Us

Giza Misr Transmission & Distributionis a Strategic Business Unit totally focused on the ELECTRIC Projects.

SP leverages knowledge, expertise and technology from the different entities to provide cross-synergies to the businesses within the group. The result is additional advantages for SP and more benefits to our ELECTRIC projects’ customers.

Giza Misr Transmission & Distribution believes that the key factor to the successful completion of Project is the ability to bring together and leian cables ad a strong and integrated team to cover all Project components to ensure successful financial closure, construction and operation and maintenance over the long-term.

Giza Misr Transmission &Distribution has an exceptional track record in delivering similar projects internationally.

Giza Misr Transmission & Distribution has pooled together an equally impressive list of potential advisors and consultants for the financial, legal, technical and environmental advisory.

Giza Misr Transmission & Distribution, its potential companies and its advisors, with their combined experience and expertise, cover the Project’s major components; project management, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, and operations and maintenance, required to ensure successful Project execution and delivery.

Creditability and reliability of Giza Misr Transmission & Distribution More recently, Giza Misr Transmission & Distribution is becoming more involved inContracting , ownership and operation & maintenance of ELECTRIC generation and electricity T&D Networks utilizing the financial capabilities, sufficient resources and proven technical competence of its trustworthy professional, subsidiaries affiliates and partners



Giza Misr Transmission & Distribution utilizing its affiliates, subsidiaries, and sister companies is principally providing services related to the electrical ELECTRIC generation, transmission and distribution covering the following fields and projects practices:

-         Project Study, Evaluation, and Feasibility;

-         Project Management Services;

-         Project Engineering Services;

-         Project Procurement Services;

-         Project Construction Services;

-         Project Operation and Maintenance Services.

Giza Misr Transmission & Distribution strategy is to offer solutions where we can provide high business value to our Customers. This is achieved based on our capabilities, our application expertise, a wide range of fuel solutions, for typical end-users or customized for special applications and uses.



Our Mission :

We are young professionals who are invested in supporting each others success by changing our leadership positions.


Our Vision :

We are tryning to build long-term business relations for our investors through the strenght of our research and development and by consistently producing profitable growth through superior quality , safety , and commitment to highest standards.


Our Values :

Professionalism , Loyalty , Respect , Integrety , Excellence , Team Work , Innovation and Service.


Our Objectives :

To enhance current services and influence future growth with development.

To honor all promises and commintments .

To deliver results.

To be welcomed back.

To always achive our customers desired results To provide outside insight and information.

To search for new improved best practices.

To be valued business partners for our suppliers.


Business Strategy :

1.     Regional focus with localized production centres

2.     Aggressive expansion

3.     A sales driven approach

4.     Attractive profitability

5.     A solid leverage position